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Pilates Small Equipment

Updated: Jan 14

Recommended Equipment for your Pilates classes

Below are some of my top recommendations for small Pilates equipment:

A very versatile piece of equipment which I highly recommend. Cheap, portable and a great addition to your pilates practice.

These light, medium and heavy strength resistance bands are great for your pilates classes to add a little something extra.

These resistance bands are unique as they are two meters long giving them extra versatility in your Pilates classes.

The Pilates Magic Circle creates moderate resistance when compressed to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and target a wide range of muscle groups.

  • Premium Neoprene Coating: The premium neoprene coating makes these dumbbells easy to grip and quick to clean

  • Ergonomic Comfort Grip: The medium-sized ergonomic grip is easy to hold for maximum comfort and safety during your workout

  • Anti-roll Design: The flattened top and bottom prevents the dumbbells from rolling when placed on the floor, as well as allowing them to be used for pilates

Foam Roller

The Sissel Pilates Foam Roller Pro Soft offers a softer mix of material making it more comfortable, stable and more reactive to pressure, it is suited to those who have poor balance control. It has multiple uses including Pilates, neurofascial techniques, & rehabilitation.

You can't really go wrong with these blocks. They are really handy with stretches.

  • Lighweight

  • 22cm x 15cm x 7cm.

  • Supportive

  • Variety of colours

Yoga Mats

Yoga mat's vary vastly and are very much down to personal preference. Below I have linked a few recommend mats and a few I have used before. I do truly believe you get what you pay for when it comes to yoga mats and a better quality, more durable mat will be reflected in the price.

Lulu Lemon - The Mat 5mm

5mm in thickness. Durable, non slip and stands the test of time.

- Multiple Colours

- Made from natural rubber so won't disintegrate like some mats do

- Non-slip - very tacky

- Doesn't come with carry strap

- Lifetime Guarantee - if it's faulty they'll replace it

Perfect if you use your mat regularly and want a high quality mat.



  • Affordable, & available on Amazon.

  • Comes with a carry strap.

  • Average life span about 12-14 months.

  • Comes in a variety of colours.

  • 6mm thickness.

Average quality mat with a cheap price tag.


Yogamatters Aqua Evolve Yoga Mat

For every mat, 64 litres of cleaned water are returned to the local habitat as well as 40 cubic metres of clean air.

  • An eco-friendly mat

  • 5mm thickness for super cushioning

  • Lightweight and portable at 750 grams

  • Non-slip


Umi Mat

Amazon's brand 'Umi". The thickest mat here at 10mm.

- Affordable and available on Amazon.

- Carry strap included.


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